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12 examples of mind-blowing websites

Web designers struggle every day to create impressive and usable websites, but what makes the difference between a good and functional product and a mind-blowing one?

30+ examples of Newspapers/breaking news websites

A list of interesting newspapers and breaking news layouts from all around the world.

To freelance or not to freelance: that’s the question!

Last night I came across an interesting podcast on Jeffrey Zeldman’s site, where few designers discuss about the ups and downs of being a freelance or setting up a new company.

Free Language RSS Feed Icon Set

CSSGlance is very happy to announce the release of “Language RSS Feed Icon Set”. You can use these icons on your websites to mark you RSS feeds in different languages.

Minimalism design inspiration: part I

With this sequence of articles we are going to present a long list of websites characterized by their minimalist web design style.

List of grid-based design resources

On Vandelay’s website a collection of 65 resources about grid based design: handful tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your project, as well as some articles for advanced techniques.

Navigation menus trends and solutions

On Smashing Magazine an article which presents most significant recent trends, examples and innovative solutions for design of modern navigation menus. Interesting to see the difference between now and last year approaches of navigation design.

50 Questions to Evaluate Your Website

Carsten Cumbrowsky’s article on Search Engine Journal provide us a long and pretty list of questions that a website owner should ask himself about his website. I think it could hardly be considered a final list… so, as the author himself suggested, feel free to discuss about it!

Continual Improvement as a Web Designer

Being a complete web designer means to develop different skills, from technical and artistic aspects of web design to communication and promotion ones. On Vandelay’s website, an article rich of resources links divided by category.

Web design and politics

The use of Internet in politics is growing more and more and with this the importance of a strategic good-looking design. An example is given by the present campaign for the American Presidential Election.

The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources of 2007

A list of the most popular articles, resources, and tutorials of 2007. Basics and principles of design, color theory, graphics and icons resources, css, layout and more to learn the ropes of design.

“Design” tool

Design is a suite of web-design and development assistive tools which can be utilised on any web-page. Encompassing utilities for grid layout, measurement and alignment, Design is a uniquely powerful JavaScript bookmarklet that could be really useful for analysing and creating grid-based websites.

Css resources

A great collection of tools to improve Css design technique: from colors and backgrounds, fonts and shapes, sizes or positions to faster and progressive loading of pages and much more.

Designing for people

People are changing the way they consume online information and consequently their expectations about websites. Design aim is to give solutions in response of user’s needs, in other words, more intuitive and usable websites.

Gallery of registration/sign up forms

Christian Watson, author of a design blog named Smiley Cat, posted a showcase of 50 registration/sign-up forms which combine form design with visual appeal. The aim is to show that aesthetics and functionality/usability can coexist.

Delicious Redesign, the most popular social bookmarking portal, will soon change its look. A limited preview lets only-invited users leave theirs feedbacks about the version 2.0 of the service.

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@media 2009 London

One day to go! What is considered one of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring web events around, will take place in London on Tue 25th and Fri 26th.

12 examples of mind-blowing websites

Web designers struggle every day to create impressive and usable websites, but what makes the difference between a good and functional product and a mind-blowing one?

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Bulletproof Web DesignStandards-based strategies for building designs that provide flexibility, readability, and user control--key components.

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Web Standards Creativity10 web design lessons from 10 of the worlds best web designers: cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, and DOM scripting techniques.

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