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Using CSS Galleries to get visitors

Creating an impressive site and listing it in a CSS gallery has become a well known strategy for getting traffic. Collis Ta’eed, author of NorthxEast, show us his experience.

Chapter Excerpt from ‘Web Standards Creativity’

On Digital Web Magazine a chapter excerpt from the recently published book, Web Standards Creativity. Title of the excerpt: Creative Use of PNG Transparency in Web Design by Jeff Croft.

Maybe is it time for CSS2.2?

Nowdays designers’ needs are growing faster than CSS official recommendations. In an article which ends with the suggestion of CSS2.2 as interim step, Andy Buddy investigates the possible causes, both technical and political, of the delay in CSS3 recommendation release.

Web Form Design Best Practices

To improve the content of his next book (pubblication date: winter 2008), Luke Wroblewski has created a blog to talk about the design of Web Forms, the most crucial online interactions.

About Web Standards

A comprehensive explanation of what is comprised in the term and what not. At the end of the article, a list of resources for learning more.

Bulletproof stylish link buttons

Roger Johansson, author of 456 Berea Street, explain us how to create elegant, resizable and accessible link buttons with Css.

5 questions to 35 designers

A long useful article with the answers of 35 webdevelopers to 5 design-related questions asked in March by Smashing Magazine. is now online

The first italian CSS gallery is now available. You can browse our database of well designed and innovative CSS based websites. We are still working to solve out some technical and presentational problems.

Blog Project: 30 Traffic Generation Tips

Developed by, the Blog Project, consists of a list of tips provided by different bloggers for generating traffic to websites.

Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes

30 scripts of impressive slideshows, lightboxes and galleries for images presentations, divided into 3 categories: Ajax Image Galleries & Lightboxes, CSS-Based Image Galleries and JavaScript + CSS-based Galleries & DHTML-Galleries.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles

A set of 131 Photoshop Web 2.0 Layer Styles to speed up the design process.

Techniques for better CSS coding

On a recent well-done article, Smashing magazine presents 70 useful tips, tricks, tips, ideas, methods, techniques and solutions used by expert webdesigners for better semantic css coding.

IE Developer Bar

After three beta versions, Microsoft has released the developer toolbar for IE 6+. It provides several features for exploring and understanding the pages of websites we are creating or simply visiting. Available to download on the Microsoft’s website.

Coda one-window web development

Panic, makers of the FTP application Transmit has released a new great product for Mac OS X: Coda. It’s a text editor + Transmit + CSS editor + terminal + books + more. Coda costs only $79. A good choice for web developers who like to hand code.

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@media 2009 London

One day to go! What is considered one of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring web events around, will take place in London on Tue 25th and Fri 26th.

12 examples of mind-blowing websites

Web designers struggle every day to create impressive and usable websites, but what makes the difference between a good and functional product and a mind-blowing one?

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