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Dealing with clients…

I’m sure that in your life as web designers it often happened to you to deal with bad clients… well, I found a funny article on the net about the tough job of dealing with them.

Web Design Survey, 2007

Jeffrey Zeldman has just published the first results from the “Web Design Survey, 2007″ on Web Design job, conducted by A List Apart.

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@media 2009 London

One day to go! What is considered one of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring web events around, will take place in London on Tue 25th and Fri 26th.

12 examples of mind-blowing websites

Web designers struggle every day to create impressive and usable websites, but what makes the difference between a good and functional product and a mind-blowing one?

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Bulletproof Web Design

Bulletproof Web DesignStandards-based strategies for building designs that provide flexibility, readability, and user control--key components.

Web Standards Creativity

Web Standards Creativity10 web design lessons from 10 of the worlds best web designers: cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, and DOM scripting techniques.

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