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If you wish to submit a well designed and innovative website do not hesitate. Just read the conditions below and fill out the information we ask of you.

Submissions should adhere to the following conditions:

web standards compliance
presentation separated from content (css based)
semantic structure
lovely, well designed and original websites
CssGlance don’t like Flash based website, tables for layout…

We will evaluate the website and include it in the CssGlance gallery if it is relevant. Please allow upto 3 days for your website to appear on the gallery.

Special consideration will be given to those sites that link to CssGlance. If your site gets showcased in the gallery, CssGlance always appreciates a link back.

You can also use the form below to notify us if an existing gallery site has been redesigned and requires a screenshot update (for the “Site URL” field, please use link to the entry on CssGlance).

Before submitting, please do a quick search and make sure it has not been listed here.

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